Hey! My name is Sanju, I am really happy to start my own blog. I’m a 11 year girl who wants a miracle to happen.I live in Northern Virginia.I love to dance,I been doing it as long as I can remember.I enjoy doing dance so much! I love to read books!I do pretty good in school.My Favorite hobby to do during my free time is art! I love pets,I have had hamsters and fish,but they all sort of past away.
I love to travel to places with beaches. Oh,I forgot I have a sweet,but annoying 7 year old younger sister!I always try to be a happy and positive person. I have the best, most kindful friends ever.They always support me through ups and downs. I have the best parents in the world.So now that you now somethings about me.I would like to take with me through my life’s journey.

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